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Game Round

Reconstructing the panorama On your turn, select a tile from your hand and check if a capture is taking place.

- If the value or color of this tile matches that of one of the face-up tiles in the queue, that map in the queue is captured. If more than one tile is snappable, you can only capture one of them. The played and captured tiles are then placed on their location in the mountain panorama. If there was a face-down tile underneath the captured tile, the captured tile is turned face up.

- Second chance: If no capture is possible with the selected tile, it is placed in the queue, face up. Then, draw a tile from the deck to attempt a new capture. If possible, a capture is made in the same way.

- If the drawn tile still doesn't allow capture, it's added to the queue, face up, and you earn a rainbow tile. Place this tile in the empty location of your choice in your panorama.

You finish your turn by drawing a panorama tile.

Note: If you later retrieve a tile that corresponds to a position where a rainbow is located:

- If the rainbow is stuck under a spirit, the panorama tile is discarded;

- If the rainbow is free, you can move the rainbow somewhere else and place the panorama tile in its location.


You encounter one spirit per turn, if you have formed a square of 4 panorama tiles. During a meeting, you can:

- Meet 1 spirit face up, next to the spirit pickaxe;

- Draw 2 spirits face down, meet 1 of them and place the other face up next to the pickaxe.

The spirit encountered is placed in the center of the square newly formed by the panorama tiles.

Be careful, even if you make several squares in your panorama during the same game turn, you can only encounter one Spirit on that turn.


When the panorama deck is depleted, players continue to take turns, as long as they can capture with a tile in hand. If you can't take a screenshot, you have to pass. The game ends when both players have passed.


In your largest adjacent tile area, each panorama tile earns 1 star. Rainbow cards can be used to expand your area, but they don't earn points in this context.

Each tile with a fire icon, which can be connected by a continuous path of tiles to the bottom line, is worth 1 star.

Some spirits give extra stars at the end of the game.