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Quinque official English rules


  • Each player has 18 parachutes of their colour.
  • One player places a parachute on the first tile.
  • Players take turns to:
    1. Mark a skydiver or move a tile.
    2. Optionally move a tile.
  • The winner is the first player to make a line of five of their parachutes.

Game play

Mark a skydiver

  1. Choose a free skydiver on an already-played tile and put a parachute on their back.
    • OR
  2. Add a new tile adjacent to an already placed one and add a parachute to one of the new tile's skydivers.

Move a tile

  1. Select a tile.
  2. Move the tile to any free space on a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line.
  • All tiles must have edge connections.
  • A tile cannot be moved if:
    • One of its skydivers was marked in the same turn, or
    • The tile is surrounded on all 4 edges.
  • Tiles may not be rotated.
Advanced rules for moving tiles
# Parachutes Move the tile Row or column Diagonal Through other tiles
1 adjacent position only
2 any free position
3 any free position
4 any free position

Game end


  • The active player immediately wins if five of their own skydivers are aligned.
    • Horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


  • Both players are out of parachutes.