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Seed your cats strategically around the grid to capture prey and avoid dogs


Start by choosing a clan, each clan has a special effect in general and an ability for your Chief (the Chief is indicated by a paw print next to their value)

In Freedom mode, all clans are available and players pick in turn order

In Limited mode, each player is dealt 3 clans and picks one

In Expert mode, one player draws 3 and picks 1, then passes the remaining 2 to their opponent who picks 1 from the remaining 2. This mode should be played twice to make it fair and then create an overall score of the two games.


On your turn, pick any face down tile and flip it face up

Depending on what it is, you can then exchange it with another tile in a number of ways:

Prey tiles are swapped with any of the 8 adjacent tiles (that is orthogonal OR diagonal)

Cat tiles are swapped with a tile 1 or 2 spaces away orthogonally

Dog tiles are swapped with any tile in its row or column

Game End

The game ends when the final tile is revealed

Any cats which are adjacent to a dog AND pointed to by its dog arrows are flipped face down

For each Prey, calculate the Cat values of each clan which is orthogonally adjacent, the clan with the highest value wins the prey

For Pigeons and Flies, if one player has won both Pigeons or both Flies, the victory points on these tiles are multiplied together. (Pigeons will be 10 victory points and Flies will be 12)

If clans have end of game effects, the clan with the combined highest value cats applies their effect first

Whoever has the most points, wins!

If tied, the player with the most prey tiles wins!