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This is a car version of Can't Stop by the same designer with a few differences in game play.

It is a push-your-luck game where players travel on 11 different routes (Route 2 to Route 12).

Game Play

On each turn, the player starts with three cars and four dice. The dice will be paired up into 2 groups of two dice each and players will be offered choices of all available combinations.

The sum of the dice are the routes where a player can place their cars. Note that the route numbers are the green "highway signs" off the route (or the small white boxes with green numbers). All routes travel from right to left.

Once the current player has selected their desired routes, their car(s) will appear on the upper right-hand box (labeled by the small white box with green route numbers) and will zig-zag up and down toward the left end of the route. Once a player's car has reached the higher of the two numbers at the end of the route, the route is closed. The first player who reaches the end will score the higher points for 1st place for that route. If multiple players made it to the zones with asterisks(*) only the furthest along the route will score the lower points for 2nd place.

A route that had been closed will no longer be considered available, so cars can no longer be placed or moved on the route.

As each player has three available cars at the beginning of their turn, they will be able to travel down a maximum of three routes each turn. The player can roll their dice as may times as they like until no available route numbers are rolled or when they opt to stop.

If a player rolls until they are forced to stop, all progress during that round will be lost. Otherwise, a marker (cube of the player's color) will be placed onto the final location(s) of the car(s). A player's cars will resume where their markers are on the specific route when selecting the same route in subsequent rounds.

When a player's car travels to the left, spots occupied by other players' cubes will be skipped.

Game end and scoring

The game ends when 8 routes are closed.

Players score points at the end of the route and scores are added as the game progresses. The player with the highest score wins.