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Only one player can score for 2nd place. Not all who reach an * space. From the PDF draft rules.

WINNING A SEGMENT If a player’s car reaches the last space (the one with the scoring boxes) of a segment, they may continue to roll the dice or stop voluntarily. However, they should keep in mind that they cannot move this car any further – even if they roll this number on the dice. (This increases a player’s risk of being forced to stop and consequently losing this segment.) Thus, it’s probably a very good idea to stop voluntarily. In this case, the player places their cube directly on the higher number of the scoring box. If one or more of the other players has arrived at a space on this segment, the player who is on the more advanced space scores the points for second place (and places a cube on the lesser valued scoring box). If no player has reached a space, then no points are awarded for second place. All of the other cubes in this segment are then returned to their owners, and a token is placed on this segment. For the rest of the game, no player can place a car in this segment, including the player who has won this segment.