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  • The game starts with drafting. Each player receive a bastion. Then, shuffle the remaining cards and draw 4. The first player picks 1, the second player picks 2 and the first player picks 1. Repeat with the second player becoming the first player.
  • Place 2 bridges in the center of the board. The 8 cards you drafted with the bastion forms your hand. The bastion starts on the leftmost space.
  • Player take turns. On your turn, first gain mana equal to the number of cards you have (including the fort).
  • Then, spend mana to play cards. Only the leftmost 4 cards (excluding the bastion) can be played. Pay their cost and choose a lane to place it. All unused mana are discarded afterwards.
  • Next, begin your assault. All cards on the board belong to you (except cards entering play this round) attack, from the farest card of the upper lane to the nearest card of the lower lane. Apply their attack one by one to the nearest card opposite of the lane.
  • If a card suffers damage equal to its health points, it is destroyed. It returns to the rightmost space of the opponent's hand.
  • If the opposite side of the lane is empty, apply the damage to the bastion/fort. Move it a number of spaces right equal to the damage.
  • If the bastion reaches the rightmost space, it is destroyed. Flip it to the fort side and move it to the leftmost space.
  • Incantations can be played during anyone's turn if it is in the leftmost 4 cards. Apply its effects immediately, then return it to the rightmost space of its owner's hand.

End of the Game

When a player's fort reaches the rightmost space, it is destroyed. That player loses and their opponent wins.

Special Abilities

  • Aerial: Can only be attacked by cards with aim.
  • Aim: Can attack aerial cards.
  • Aquatic: Double its attack if it is closest to the bridge.
  • Aura: Apply the effect to its left/right card.
  • Berserk: Attack again if it destroys a card.
  • Catalyst: Gain 2 extra mana during the gaining phase.
  • Focus: Insert it to the space directly behind a bridge.
  • Indestructible: Immune to incantations.
  • Perforation: Attack both the target and the card behind the target.
  • Protection: Nulify the first attack applied to the card.
  • Rage: Can attack (not the bastion/ford) at the round when it enters play.
  • Splash: Attack both the target and the card adjacent to (not behind) the target.
  • Sprint: Move it until it is adjacent to the bridge each time it attacks.
  • Wrecker: Can attack buildings (including the bastion/ford) but not creatures.