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Draft cards and obtain resources to build the best tribe by game's end


First, take a card from the table and take resources equal to the number on the lower right

The resources are taken in a clockwise order from the stack after where the card was taken from

If you take the last resource from a stack, take a bonus resource from the central pile and make a new stack of 5 from the supply

After you've taken your resources, you may purchase any cards in your hand that you hold the matching resources for, discarding the resources upon use

Bones are Wild Resources

Some cards with the designated symbol require you to also discard a hand card in addition to resources

Some cards have immediate effects which are triggered at the moment they are played

If previously played, you may place a single resource on cards which stockpile resources for end game scoring

At turn end, discard any excess resources: 4 capacity in basic game, 3 capacity in advanced game

Game End

The game ends when the resource supply is emptied, there will still be resources in the stacks, the current round runs its course

Some cards will give you definitive points

Some cards will give you points per feature on your cards

Some cards will give you points per resource stockpiled

The player with the most points wins, if tied the player with the most remaining resources wins