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Game Play

Game plays in 24 turns total. See the counter displayed on the lower right-corner of the ambulance box. (Next to the green ambulance).

The current player (Chief Physician) chooses an ambulance consisting of a die/ability pair. They then "admit the patient" by writing the die in a matching space on their hospital sheet, and may also use the ability as applicable. Note dice must go in order from the "front" of the hospital (showing ambulances) to the back of the ward (showing nurses with clipboards), and typically must increase in value as they are placed in each section.

Other players also do this as well on the current player's turn, but may only choose among the two remaining ambulances unless they spend a blood bag.

Placement of Dice

The dice must:

  1. Match the color of the space (gray is wild)
  2. Start at a bed space, or next to the previously placed die in that section
  3. Be greater than the previous die in the section (unless a screen is used)

Note dice need not be consecutive -- for example, a 3 could be placed after a 1.

Ambulance Bonuses

Each ambulance also comes with a bonus ability that can be taken.

Nurse (white meeple holding a syringe) - allows the player to mark off the nurse at the end of the ward where the player's die is placed, and circle the next number on the nurse track on the bottom of the player's sheet. The last number circled is the point amount scored for the track. There are a total of 7 nurses, one for each ward, so the player can score up to 35 points on this track if all 7 nurses are crossed off. (Note the nurse must be in the ward where it is placed, so if the nurse is already crossed off, the bonus ability has no effect)

Circle (screen) - The screen can be placed on any dice/patient at the end of a ward. This allows the numbers for that ward to reset. So, if the last number of one of your ward is a 5, you can place the screen on that 5, then place a 1 after the 5. Note that the screen can be placed before OR after the player's dice is placed. i.e. If you have a 6 patient with a screen, you can first place the 6, then place the screen on the 6 to reset the number for that ward for the next dice/patient.

Colored dice with two smaller grey dice under it (extra patient) - you get an extra patient with this ambulance, with one of the two values indicated in the two grey dice. Note: you may place either patient first.

Exclamation point (critical patient) - you score the value of the dice on the critical patient when placed.

Stethoscopes (2) - always come in pairs. You get 2 stethoscopes by using this ability, which allow you to modify a die -1/+1 when used. (See next section)

Blood bag - you gain a blood bag, which allows you to ignore the color match requirement when placing a die (now or in the future), or allows you to use the Chief Physician's ambulance. (See next section)

Item Abilities

Stethoscope - each stethoscope allows you to adjust your patient value by + or - 1.

Blood bags - does one of two things. 1) allows you to choose the ambulance that was chosen by the first player or 2) allows you to ignore the color restrictions when placing the die


Nursing track - you score the highest number circled in the nursing track

Clipboard - you score the points indicated on the clipboard at the end of each ward when you complete the ward

Morgue - Negative 1 point for any patient you choose not to place in your hospital (up to the limit on the sheet)

Critical patients - score equal to the die value

Cardiologist - First player to complete the objective scores 8 points, second scores 5 points, then card is discarded. In two-player game, first player to complete the objective scores 5 points. Card is discarded.

Epidemiologist / Radiologist - everybody scores as described by the individual cards