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How to Play

To start a game of Le Roy des Ribauds (The Rogue Monarch):

1. Shuffle all the cards.

2. Draw 4 cards, and put it in a face-down row called the Court.

3. Deal a hand of 3 cards to each player. (Note: If a player has 2 Reines in their starting hand, they put these two cards under the draw pile, and draw 2 cards to replenish their hand. If a player has 3 Reines in their starting hand or if each player has two, then the deal is canceled, and each player has to draw 3 new cards.)

4. Use all the remaining cards to form a face-down draw pile.

5. Leave enough space for a discard pile (cards are always put face-up in the discard pile). You'll use the discard pile to create a new draw pile once the original draw pile is empty.

6. The starting player is selected randomly.


Each player takes turn playing a card in the Court. You can either:

Reveal a card in the Court and apply its effect.

Replace any card in the Court with one of the cards in your hand. You can put it face-up and apply its effect, or put it face-down.

End of the game

When one of the players meets the conditions of one of 3 possible conspiracies, that player wins the game. The conspiracies are:

• The Coronation: 3 Rois (Kings) are face-up in the Court during your turn.

• The Marriage: You start your turn with 3 Reines (Queens) in your hand.

• The Murder: During your turn, there's a face-up card between two other face-up Assassin cards in the court.

Card Effects

Effects are triggered when a card is played in the Court.

Chevalier (Knight): Switch two cards in the Court, then hide or reveal any card in the Court. This does not trigger the effect of cards that are revealed this way.

Reine (Queen): Look at 2 random cards in the hand of your opponent. If you discover any Reine (Queen), discard it, and your opponent has to draw cards to replenish their hand.

Roi (King): Reveal a card in the Court OR draw 2 cards into your hand and then discard two cards from your hand. (Revealing a card does not trigger the effect of cards that are revealed this way.)

Assassin (Rogue): Look at 2 face-down cards in the Court.


In the kingdom of France, the king's name is Philippe-Auguste. As clever as he is cunning, he rules over his people with an iron fist.

However, in the underworld, another name is whispered with reverence : le Roy des Ribauds. Even Paris’s most dangerous cut-throats and assassins fear him. And, between light and darkness, intrigues and political manoeuvers are legion.


Original name: Le Roy des Ribauds

English name: The Rogue Monarch

Artist: Ronan Toulhoat

Original rules: Erwann Ricord

Editorial direction: Anthony Questel and Arnaud Charpentier

Graphic design: Anthony Questel

Translation: Maxime Lecoeur