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  • The objective on each turn, is to make sets of 3 or more identical die faces, collect diamonds and coins, and score points.
  • The overall game objective is to score 6000 points or more, and end with the highest score.

Player Turn

  • Draw the top Fortune Card, and apply the affects during your turn.
  • Roll all 8 dice.
  • Each die has 6 faces: Coin, Diamond, Monkey, Parrot, Sabre ,and Skull.
  • You may stop rolling at any time, and collect your points, or press your luck and re-roll any number of additional times, for more.
  • You can re-roll any of your dice, except skulls, but you must re-roll at least 2 dice.
  • If you get 3 skulls on your first roll, or 3 or more skulls after any re-roll, your turn ends and you score nothing.
  • If you get 4 or more skulls during your first roll, you go to the Island of Skulls (see below).
  • Discard the Fortune Card.


# dice in set 3 4 5 6 7 8
Points 100 200 500 1000 2000 4000
  • Each diamond and coin is worth an additional 100 points.
  • If the player generates points with all 8 dice, they score an extra 500 points.
  • With some Fortune Cards and the Island of Skulls, it is possible for a player's score to be negative.

Game End

  • The final round is triggered when a player's score becomes greater than, or equal to, 6000 points.
  • All other remaining players are permitted one final turn.
  • If during one of the remaining player's final turn, the triggering player's score goes below 6000, play continues as normal until a player reaches 6000 again.
  • The winner is the player with the highest score.
  • If the score ends in a tie, ... (the printed rules do not say what happens!)

The Island of Skulls

  • If a player rolls 4 or more skulls in their first roll, they go to the Island of Skulls for that turn.
  • They can re-roll as normal, except their turn only continues if they roll at least 1 skull.
  • As soon as no skulls are rolled, or they cannot roll at least 2 dice, their turn ends.
  • Opponents each lose 100 points per skull.
  • Other objects have no value on the Island of Skulls. The player scores nothing.

Fortune Cards

  • Monkey Business: Monkeys and parrots are grouped together and counted as a single set.
  • Diamond: You start with 1 extra diamond.
  • Gold: You start with 1 extra gold coin.
  • Sorceress: Once during your turn, you can re-roll a skull.
  • Captain: Double all points (positive or negative) in this turn.
  • Sea Battle (2-4): If you roll at least the number of sabres on the card, you get bonus points (2:300, 3:500, 4:1000). Otherwise, score the same number of negative points.
  • Skulls (1-2): You start with the amount of extra skulls on the card.
  • Treasure Island: Place the dice on this card that you want save. They are protected and will score, even if you roll 3 or more skulls.

Promo cards

  • If you are playing with the promo cards the following also appear:

After the Storm

  • You are only allowed to re-roll your dice once.
  • You only score, and receive double points, for diamond and coins.
  • If you visit the Island of Skulls, you can only re-roll once.
  • If you roll 3 skulls, your turn ends but you score according to the Island of Skulls rules.


  • You have to end your turn without any sabres, or you score -1000 per sabre and your other dice are worth zero.
  • If you succeed, you score your normal points.
  • You are allowed to go to the Island of Skulls, but you are not allowed to roll sabres there or your opponents will not lose points.