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Have the most points after 6 rounds

Phase 1: Collection

On your turn, you either take from a Factory or take from the Middle

If you take from Factory, pick one colour which is not the Wild Colour in the Factory and take all of that colour within that single Factory. If the Factory contained the Wild Colour, also take one of those tokens too. After which, move the remaining tokens in that Factory to the Middle. If a Factory contains only Wild Colour tokens, take 1 token and move the rest to the Middle

If you take from the Middle, take all tokens of one colour which is not the Wild Colour plus a single Wild Colour token if present. If there are only Wild Colour tokens, just take a single token. If you are the first to take from the Middle, you also take the First Player token but lose points equal to the number of tokens taken, to a minimum of 1 point after adjustments. You can still be first to take from the Middle even if you have a score of 1 or less, you just don't adjust.

Once there are no more tiles to collect from Factories or the Middle, proceed to the second part of the round

Phase 2: Placement

Take turns placing a single tile as long as you have a minimum number of tiles of the required colour, discarding the rest that were required but not placed

On your board there are star patterns for each colour, at the points there is a number which shows how many you must possess e.g. if you wish to place a tile in green 3, you must posses 3 greens, discard 2 of them, whilst placing the third

The central star has no colour, but it requires one of each colour instead. It is your choice what colour you place on each space, but it works the same as coloured stars with some spaces being more or less expensive than others

You may use the current round's Wild Colour to pay some of the cost, however you must still have one of the actual colour to place

You score 1 point for placing a tile + 1 point for each connected tile on the same star

In addition, there's the chance to gain extra tiles of your choice if you surround a Pillar (4 spaces for one bonus tile), surround a Statue (4 spaces for two bonus tiles), surround a window (2 spaces for three bonus tiles)

At any start of turn when it comes round to you, you may choose to pass, you may retain 4 tiles of your choosing for the next round, any excess are discarded and you lose 1 point per tile you were forced to discard

After all players pass, return the 1st player token to the Middle

Wild Colour

Each round, the wild colour changes by the following order

Purple (1)

Green (2)

Orange (3)

Yellow (4)

Blue (5)

Red (6)

Game End

The game ends at the end of the 6th round, then score as follows

Completing the stars in full scores:

Multicoloured - 12

Red - 14

Blue - 15

Yellow - 16

Orange - 17

Green - 18

Purple - 20

In addition, score for covering all of the same cost

Cost 1 - 4

Cost 2 - 8

Cost 3 - 12

Cost 4 - 16

Any remaining tiles not placed lose you 1 point each

The player with the most points, wins!