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Players take turns placing their farmers on unoccupied action spaces to do actions. Once all of your farmers are on the board, you take your turn by moving one of your farmers to a different space.

The game is divided into rounds in which each player takes 2 actions (3 actions in a solo or 2-player game). At the end of each round, a new field (action card) will be revealed and whoever most recently took the FIRST PLAYER action takes the next turn.

By doing the actions, you can collect three types of resource token: seeds, food and water. Seeds are spent buying crops from the display with the SOW action. You can then FEED or WATER your crops, where you spend food and water to activate the crops' abilities and score coins (points).

Once you have fed and watered a crop, you may FEED or WATER it again to activate its special ability. This might give you more points, or a bonus sow action, or have another effect.

Other actions:

ROTATE CROPS: shuffle displayed crops back into deck and deal out new ones.

DUAL ACTION: move another farmer onto an occupied action space and perform that action.

CHANGE RESOURCES: return any number of resource tokens and replace them with the same number of any types.

EXCHANGE: return a crop card to the bottom of the deck and sow a new one from the display for free.

SEARCH & SOW: search the crop deck and sow a card from there.

1/2 SOW or WATER/FEED: perform the action, paying half-price (rounded up).

Game End

The game ends after the seventh round, which is the round after the final field has been revealed. Whoever has the most coins wins, with the tiebreak being the total number of resource tokens (seeds, food and water).

N.B. In this implementation, Melon, Strawberry and Pepper special abilities (which give coins according to the resources you have left) are awarded at the end of the game, but other special abilities award their points during the game.