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The player who finishes playing their hand first in a round wins that round, and immediately wins when they win 3 rounds.

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Start of Round

The player with the lowest score starts the round.

If tied, the player who went first least recently starts.

Card Deal

Each player then receives 12 cards.

4 Cards are removed from the round blind.


There are 4 ordinary and 2 special sets/run:

Ordinary combinations

- Single - Pair - Run of Singles (minimum 3) - Run of Pairs (minimum 2 pairs / 4 cards)

Special combinations

- Three of a kind - Four of a kind

A Queen CANNOT be used in a Run.

The first player can play any type they wish.

The remaining players either follow or pass, this continues until someone passes or someone empties their hand.

If you Follow with an Ordinary, it must be the same type of Ordinary, it must be the same Length of Ordinary, it must be equal or higher rank.

If you Follow with a Special, the previous play MUST contain a Queen, otherwise you have to Follow with Ordinary. In addition, a Special may follow a Special if either it contains more cards OR the same quantity but a higher rank.

Round End

If the round ends with someone passing, the player just before them can either take the faceup card set aside at the start or a blind deck card, after which the passing player has to take the card from the other option.

If the round ends with someone emptying their hand, they score 1 point.

If Game End isn't triggered, start a new round.

Game End

The game ends as soon as a player scores 3 points.


- No face-up draw: After someone passes, both players draw a card from the deck face-down.

- Special rank runs: Qs are replaced to Js. Unlike Qs, Js are consecutive to 10s and can be used in runs.

- Automatic turn skip: The game checks only public information to determine whether a player has any chance of beating the current combination regardless of the cards in hand. If all relevant higher cards are discarded already, the turn is skipped automatically.