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The aim is to gain the most majorities across the different Spirit & Power Source types, whilst ensuring you have at least 1 of everything


On your turn, you can take a card from either of the far ends of the display situated on any row

If you take a card with two spirit symbols on it, that is all you can take

If you take a card with a single spirit symbol on it (whether or not it has a power source symbol on it), you may take a second card which has a single matching spirit symbol (this card may have been made accessible by taking the first, or from a different row)

If a card you took had a token on it, gain this token and see what it is privately (these can either give an additional symbol for scoring, or the gemstone ones can return a gemstone to you at a later opportunity by discarding it)

After the taken card(s) have been resolved, you may place a gemstone out on a card in the display. This theoretically reserves the card for you, however another player can banish one of their own gemstones to steal it from you


For each Spirit, whoever has the most spirit symbols on cards and now revealed tokens, gains points equal to the quantity that they have. e.g. player A has 6 Green Spirits and 2 Red Spirits, player B has 4 Green Spirits and 7 Red Spirits, player A gains 6 points for Green Spirits and player B gains 7 points for Red spirits.

If Spirit quantity is tied, tied players get the same points

If a player has no cards of a particular spirit, they lose 3 points (tokens don't count, just cards)

Power Sources (Fire/Moon/Sun) are scored in the same way as Spirits described above, including negative points for failing to have 1 of each

This then provides final scoring, if there's a tie, the player with the least total cards wins