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Have the most points after 4 rounds and avoid gaining negative points


You have a number of options on your turn

You can Start a Ceremony by placing onto a Ceremony Tile a card with a different colour (If you have to use the same colour as the Ceremony tile, you must prove this and show your hand to the other players before doing so, but can hide the values)

You can Make an Offering by adding another card of the same colour as the initial one on a Ceremony Tile, the value doesn't matter (If you are unable to do this, you can either play a card of the Ceremony Tile's colour or play any other card)

Concluding a Ceremony

Once a Ceremony Tile has as many cards around it as the number of players, it is Concluded

The winner of a Ceremony is either the highest card of the Ceremony Tile colour then the highest card of the initial placed card's colour (trump and lead)

The winner takes all the cards which surround the Ceremony Tile and place them in a new layered stack in their scoring area, as such do not mix cards won at different ceremonies

If the Ceremony tile was dark, flip it to its light side

If the Ceremony tile was light, the winner chooses a Divinity to offer it to, these Divinities create scoring opportunities based on that colour Ceremony Tile

Round End

The round ends when all Ceremony Tiles have been assigned to Divinities

If a player has not won any Ceremonies, they can neither win nor lose points

Otherwise, every other player first gains 3 points per Ceremony Won then the Divinities will cause points to be gained or lost based on their conditions

The Tally card is actually covering one of the Divinities, so once scoring is complete, first move this Tally one step to the right then flip all non-covered Divinities to their other scoring condition side

Whoever won the last Ceremony of a round chooses who to go first next round, themself or someone else

Game End

The game ends at the end of the fourth round

The player with the most points, wins!

If tied, first the tied player who won the final Ceremony wins!

If this is not the case, the tied player who gained the most points in a single round, wins!