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  • The game is played with two teams of two, partners sitting opposite.
  • Only 7 to A are used: remove the rest from the deck. Deal each player 8 cards at the start of a round.
  • A card is drew to decide the trump suit. If it’s a joker, the dealer’s left player chooses the trump suit (classic). No matter what, the dealer’s left player’s team are the makers and the other are the defenders.
  • The player left to the dealer leads the first trick. Others must follow suit if possible. If not, they are forced to overtrump (Rotterdams).
  • The highest trump wins the trick, unless there are no trumps, then the highest card of the suit led wins. In all suits, 10 is higher then K. In the trump suit, J is the highest card, followed by 9, then A.
  • At the end of the round points are calculated. For trump suit, J is 20 points, 9 is 14, A is 11, 10 is 10, K is 4 and Q is 3. For non-trump suits, A is 11, 10 is 10, K is 4, Q is 3 and J is 2. The rest are 0 points. The last trick is worth 10 points. Also, if a team takes all the tricks they get an additional 100 points.
  • During the play, players may declare different combinations of cards. 3-card run is 20 points, 4-card run is 50, four of A, 10, K or Q is 100, four J is 200 and K and Q of trumps is 20.
  • If the makers score more than the defenders, both teams score normally. Otherwise, the defenders score all the points, including the combination points.
  • After each round, dealer changes clockwise.

End of the Game

Normally, the game ends when one team gets 1500 points or more. The team with more points wins the game.


  • Game length: The game ends when a team gets 750 points (short), or ends after 16 (classic), 8 (short) or 1 (test) rounds.
  • City variants: With Amsterdam rules, you are only forced to overtrump when your opponents are winning or trumps are led. You still cannot undertrump.
  • Trump selection: With mandatory, the first player always choose the trump.
  • Jokers: You can choose to exclude jokers.