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Have the highest points and win the game

Set up

2 perches for up to 3 players

3 perches for 4 players


• On your turn, place a bird in one of the queues next to the perches

• When the sum of the birds (number on the cards) are greater than that of the feeding bird (the one immediately next to the perch), the player will collect that card.

• Based on the difference of the sums of the birds in queue and the feeding bird, the player will also collect a seed card above the perches in the corresponding position, with 1 being the card closest to the perch and 4 being the one furthest away. If the difference of the sums is 5 or more, then the top card of the seed deck will be drawn which may result in collecting eggs, a crow, or a squirrel.

• Each egg on the seed cards are worth 1 point at the end of the game.

• The highest numbered bird in the queue will now assume the feeding position

• An evaluation will be performed again. If the sum of the remaining birds are greater than the currently (new) feeding bird's number, the player will also collect the new bird and another seed card accordingly

• If the bird card that is added did not trigger the feeding bird to fly away, the player will be allowed to play a bird card with number equal to or lower than the played card into their collection

• Draw back up to 4 cards

Squirrels and Crows

• There are squirrels and crows in the seed card deck

• When flipped, they will be added to the lowest seed card that does not already have a pest on them (each seed card can have at most 1 pest)

• Crows force you to discard one bird from the species you have most of

• Squirrels force you to discard two random seed cards

End of Game

Game end is triggered when the seed deck runs out

Players will finish the round

Each player will then be allowed to add two more cards to their collections


• Each mating pair (2 cards with same number and species): 5 points

• Bird cards: The player with the most in a species score the total number of eggs they have in that species. Friendly tie.

• Seed cards: Each egg is worth 1 point

• Tie breaker: the player with the most mated pairs wins