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In this cryptic game of clues and secrecy, your aim is to intercept the opponent team twice without failing your own team twice

Turn Structure

Each round is split into 8 parts

1) A different Encryptor is designated each turn

2) Encryptors secretly views a Code Card

3) Encryptors writes 3 clues

4) Both teams discuss and write down what they think about the White clues (Excluding White Encryptor, but including Black Encryptor)

5) The White code is revealed. If the Black team is correct, they receive an Interception Token (white token), whilst if they are wrong nothing happens. If the White team is correct, nothing happens, whilst if they are wrong they receive an Miscommunication Token (black token).

  • Parts 4 and 5 are then repeated, with both teams attempting to decipher the Black clues

Round End

Once both teams have attempted to decipher both codes, the round ends.

If one team now has 2 Interception, they win.

If one team now has 2 Miscommunication, they lose.

If both teams win in the same round, the tokens turn into points, with Interceptions worth +1 and Miscommunication worth -1 to determine the winning team.

If both teams are still tied, they can submit their guesses for the 4 words of the other team.

If no win/lose condition was triggered, a new round begins.

When each new round begins the Code Cards are reshuffled. This means that sequences can repeat within a game.

Clue Rules

The following are the Encryptor's rules for making their clues :

A clue can either be a single word or a phrase

Each clue must clearly be separate

A clue must only refer to the meaning

A clue must NOT refer to inside or private information (e.g., "our dinner last night" or "your sister's favorite animal" for Cow)

A clue must NOT use the spelling (e.g. a "C" for Cow)

A clue must NOT indicated the number of letters (e.g. a "3" or "Three" for Cow)

A clue must NOT indicate the position (e.g. "Tripod" for Cow in third position)

A clue must NOT address pronunciation (e.g. "Wow!" to sound like Cow)

A clue must NOT be the same word in another language (e.g. "Vache" for Cow)

Spelling of the clue is important and anyone can ask for spelling clarification

Each clue can only be used ONCE across the whole game