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Welcome to Penalty Challenge, a fun football-themed board game where players have to kick penalties and stop them using cards, a die, and chips!

Objective: The objective of the game is to be the first player to score five goals.


Shuffle the cards and deal each player three shooter cards, three goalkeeper cards, and one goalkeeper wild card. Place the remaining cards in two separate decks (shooters and goalkeepers) on the mat. Cards used during the game are placed in separate discard piles. Determine the starting player by having each player roll the die. The player with the highest number goes first. Gameplay:

On your turn, choose a shooter card from your hand and place it face down in the center square of the mat, with the arrow pointing towards the goal you intend to shoot at. The defending player then chooses a goalkeeper card from their hand and places it face up in the area square of the mat. The shooter reveals their card, indicating the direction they intend to shoot. If the defending player correctly guesses the direction, they may place glove chips (up to their capacity) on the corresponding circles in the goal area. The shooter then selects a free circle in the intended direction and rolls the die. If the number rolled matches the number in the selected circle, the shooter scores a goal. If the shooter card has a star, they may use the number in the star instead of rolling the die. Each player also has a wildcard goalkeeper card that allows them to know the shot direction and place a goalkeeper card after the shooter has revealed their card. The first player to score five goals wins the game. Additional rules:

After a player scores four goals, they must shoot at a player who still has their wildcard goalkeeper card. If all cards from the shooter and goalkeeper decks have been used, the discard piles are shuffled and become the new decks. Penalty Challenge is a fun and strategic game that combines luck and skill. Have fun playing!