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Get your meeple to cross the board first, from your side to your opponent's, to win the game.

After a fixed number of turns (40 for each player), if no meeple has reached the opposite side, the game ends. The player whose meeple is closer to the opponent's side wins. If both meeples are at the same distance of their goal, then count how far each of your block is from the goal, lowest total wins. If there is still a tie, whoever played in second wins.


Alternatively, players place their 4 blocks on free spaces of the row on their side. Blocks can be upright or laying down, but they cannot extend to the second row.

Once all blocks have been placed, you must place your meeple on any space on your blocks.


During their turn, you can either:

  • Move your meeple


  • Move one of your blocks

Moving your meeple

You can move your meeple to any adjacent (not diagonal) spot on a block. You can freely go up or down between an upright block and a laying down one.

If you start and end your move on blocks of your color, you can move again. You can repeat this step as long as you stay on your color.

If you start your movement on an opponent's block, you can only move once.

If you move to a spot of another color (from yours to opponent's OR from opponent's to yours), you can only move once.

You can freely move into the space occupied by the opponent's meeple.

Moving one of your blocks

You can only move one of your blocks, on adjacent free spaces (you can't have blocks on top of each other and you can't push other blocks).

You cannot move a block if YOUR meeple is on it.

You can move a block by either flipping it or sliding it.

  • flipping: you change its position between upright and laying down, leaving empty the spots that were previously occupied by this block
  • sliding: you move the block by one spot in either direction

You can move one of your blocks if your opponent's meeple is on it, but only by sliding it.