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Roppyakken (“600”) is an exciting hanafuda game with sudden reversals of fortune, including instant wins. Rain can ruin the party or save the day, and you can earn bonus points for capturing a full month. The first player to achieve at least 600 points wins.

Rules below are for standard Roppyakken. Variation rules can be found

In-game aids show all possible yaku (high-value card combos), pictures of all the cards (grouped by month) and individual card values.

The Cards

Hanafuda means “flower cards.” It is a set of nature-themed playing cards consisting of 12 suits, after the 12 months of the year. Each suit has only 4 cards. These cards are categorized as:

  • Brights – worth 50 points
  • Animals – worth 10 points
  • Ribbons – worth 10 points
  • Chaff – worth 0 points

NOTE: In Roppyakken, the Bush Warbler scores 50 points (like a Bright), and the Yellow Paulownia is not a chaff card but scores 10 points (like a banner).


On your turn, play 1 card from your hand to the table. If it:

matches suit/month with 1 card on the table, your card captures it.

matches suit/month with 2 cards on the table, your card captures your choice of the two. (Note: On BGA, if one of the cards is worth more points, it will automatically be captured for you.)

matches suit/month with 3 cards on the table, your card captures all of the cards.

does not match suit/month with any cards on the table, your card is simply added to the table.

Next, turn the top card of the deck face up and play it to the table just like you did the card from your hand.

Your capturing card and the cards it captured are moved to your tableau and displayed face-up.

After you have played one card from your hand and one from the deck, it’s the next player’s turn.

Yaku (High-Value Card Combos)

In addition to points earned when you capture individual cards, you earn extra points by capturing specific sets or combos of cards. These are called Yaku. Be sure to consult the in-game aid for pictures and details. Unique to Roppyakken are Hand Yaku and Month Yaku.

Hand Yaku

At the beginning of the round, if you are dealt a “lucky hand,” immediately score:

  • 200 points – if your hands contains 3 cards from the same suit/month (“Hand Three”)
  • 400 points – if your hands contains 2 "Hand Three’s" (“Double Hand Three”)
  • 400 points – if your hands consists entirely of 0-point cards (“All Chaff”)

Month Yaku

Earn an extra 50 points by capturing all 4 cards of the following months (see in-game aid for pictures):

Pine, Plum Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Wisteria, Pampas/Baldy, Maple, Paulownia

Earn 200 points for completing the Rain/Willow month yaku.

Rain-Off / Crane Sunrise

If you capture any Willow cards, you cannot score points for Viewing Yaku that round unless you have first captured the Crane card. If you have already completed a Viewing Yaku and earned points from it, those points will be subtracted ("washed away with the rain").

Rain (Wild Card)

The Rain card, played from hand or deck, can be used to capture any 1 card from the table. It cannot capture cards worth 0 points, though. It also cannot be used to capture a stack of 3 cards to complete a suit/month, however if the other 3 Willow cards are on the table, Rain must capture that stack of 3 Willows.

End of Round

When everyone’s hand is empty, the round ends. Check for instant win and draw round conditions.

Instant Wins

If a player captured the “Four Brights” Yaku (Crane, Curtain, Moon, Phoenix) this round, they instantly win the game regardless of opponent’s score.

If a player captured 7 banners (and no one captured the Four Brights) this round, they instantly win the game regardless of opponent’s score. It doesn’t matter which 7 banners are captured.

Draw Round

If any player scored 30 points or less during the round, everyone's points earned that round are negated. Willow and Paulownia cards are not counted toward the score of 30 and below.

If no one’s score reached 600 and there weren’t any instant wins, a new round begins. Whoever scored the most points during the round is the start player for the next.