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To win Oxono, you must be the first player to align 4 pawns of the same color (no matter the symbols) or 4 pawns of the same symbol (no matter the color).

Choose a totem (X or O) to play at your turn. Then move it as many spaces as you want in a vertical or horizontal row of the board (36 squares). Once you have placed a totem on its destination square, you must immediately place one of your pawns with the same symbol as the totem you just moved (X or O) on an orthogonally adjacent free space around the totem's new position.

If all adjacent spaces around the totem are occupied, place one of your pieces of the same symbol as the totem on any empty space on the game board.

You have 16 pieces total, 8 X and 8 O.

When a player align 4 pieces of the same color or the same symbol, the game ends.