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Rage is a bidding trick taking game from Amigo games.


The game ends after 10 rounds, highest score wins; most correct bids breaks ties.

Cards in play

There are 112 cards:

  • 96: There are six (6) suits (Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Green, & Blue) each with cards numbering 0-15
  • 16: There are five (5) types of action (Gray) cards
    • 3 (+5) - player taking the trick gets +5
    • 4 Change Trump (❗) - randomly changes trump color
    • 3 (-5) - player taking the trick gets -5
    • 4 No Trump (🚫) - no trump this trick, random trump chosen for the remainder of tricks
    • 2 Joker (Jester hat) - makes this card the highest number of whatever color the player wants (incl. trump)

Rules summary

In this trick-taking game, the number of cards dealt to starting hands goes down by one each round. The first round, 10 cards will be dealt to each player.

Each round starts with each playing bidding for how many tricks they will win (total may (far) outnumber available trick count)

Each trick starts with a player leading a color, each other player follows suit, or, if they cannot, plays Action or any other color. Highest card following suit or highest trump card played wins the trick. Player that won the last trick leads the next trick.

At the end of the round, scoring is as follows:

  • +1 for each trick you won
  • +/-5 for each Bonus you took
  • -5 for missing your bid number
  • +10 for bidding exactly the number of tricks correctly