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For tips on how to play pingimus, see Tips_pingimus

Game play

  • Each round, every player is given a different thing to draw.
  • Players have one minute to draw their pictures,
  • Timers start at the moment they begin drawing.
  • When all drawings have been drawn, they are dealt out in turn.


  • For each drawing, everyone except for the artist makes a private guess of what they think the drawing is of.


  • When all guesses are in, the guesses are displayed to all the players, along with the original prompt that the artist was given.
  • If multiple entries are very similar, players may vote to say that these should be treated as the same, single answer for scoring.
    • For example: if one entry is "ice tray" and another is "icecube tray".
  • Players vote on which they think was the original prompt.


  • Votes are revealed.
  • Guessers score 1 point for everyone who chose their guess.
  • The artist scores 1 point for everyone who chose their original prompt.
  • Note: the default BGA scoring method does not give points for correct guesses.
    • It is up to the table administrator to decide this before the game begins.

Game length

  • Usually 3 to 5 rounds.
  • Each round every player submits one drawing.