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  • 18 checkers each of orange and black are placed on a 6x6 board.
  • On your turn, if you choose not to capture, move 1 space in any of 8 directions to be farther from the center.
  • If you choose to capture, move any number of spaces in any of 8 directions to capture it. The distance afterwards must not increase.
  • If you cannot move, you must pass.

Mark Steere designed Zola in February 2021.

INTRODUCTION Zola is a two-player game played on a 6x6 (or 8x8...) checkerboard initially filled with a checkered pattern of red and blue checkers. The two players, Red and Blue, take turns moving their own checkers, one checker per turn, starting with Red. If a player has a move available, they must make one. If they have no moves available, they must sit the game out and wait until they do have a move available. At least one of the two players will always have a move available. Draws cannot occur in Zola.

MOVE TYPES There are two types of moves in Zola: non-capturing and capturing.

NON-CAPTURING MOVES The non-capturing move is a king-like move to an adjacent (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally), unoccupied square. A non-capturing move must increase the straight-line distance to the center point of the board.

CAPTURING MOVES The capturing move is a queen-like move along a straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) sequence of zero or more unoccupied squares terminating with an enemy-occupied square. The enemy checker is removed and replaced with the capturing checker. A capturing move must maintain or decrease the straight line distance to the center point of the board.

OBJECT OF THE GAME To win you must capture all enemy checkers.

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End of Game

  • If you capture all 18 opponent checkers, you win.
  • There cannot be a tie as at any time at least 1 of the players can move.