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This is a Co-operative game of clue giving and deduction


On your turn, you can either play a card or guess a card

When playing a card, orientation matters, the side facing the middle of the table contains the information you wish to provide

When playing a card, you are trying to give information about the rest of your hand, when a played card is no longer true about your hand it is moved to Agony

The sides of the cards are all the same, with the following hints (3 colour hints, and 1 number hint), Highest colour, Lowest colour, Final colour, More Number

Alternatively to playing a card, you can guess a card in another player's hand using their hints. If you are correct, the guessed card goes to their Harmony and you can put any one of your hand cards into Harmony too, so each of you add to Harmony for a total of 2 cards added. If you are incorrect, wherever the guessed card actually is, that player adds it to Agony, and the guesser adds a hand card of their choice into Agony, however if the card does not exist in someone's hand then only the incorrect guesser adds a card to Agony, as such 1-2 cards will be added to Agony in this way.

Game End

Depending on player count, the game ends after a set number of rounds.

When the final round is over, players add their played hint cards as well as hand cards into Agony

if Harmony is higher than Agony, the players win!

However, if Agony contains more cards than Harmony, the players lose!