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Resources are first spent from the rolled resources then the banked resources.

The dice are 12 sided with 4 copper, 3 wood, 3 silver, and 2 gold.


Boomtown - (Top Left) - 3x3 grid of special bonus. Use only once per turn.

Shipping - (Top Right) - Bonus for the 3rd and final 5th spot. The higher (top) bonus is available only to the player that first reaches this place. The lower bonus goes to all other players reaching this point.

Contracts - (Middle Row) - Spend various copper, silver, gold. 5 Gold for 15 points being the highest. All contracts are unique so only can be claimed by 1 player in the whole game.

Claims - (Bottom) - Spend wood to make camp/settlement. 1 Extra wood (camp), 2 Extra wood (settlement). The far right of this track show bonus for coming 1st (top) and 2nd (bottom). Numbers on the track denote an immediate score.


Roll 4 dice.

Choose Terrain: Select 1 dice as the terrain for a possible advancement on the 'Claims' track using additional wood. 1 Extra wood (camp), 2 Extra wood (settlement).

Main Phase where you can use your dice and any previously banked resources.

-- You may bank at most 1 dice in this phase to add to your banked resources.


- You get to bank 1 of the dice to add to your banked resources. Either copy a dice from the player to your left, or from your right, but just 1 dice total per round. There is an automated UI feature for this, if you prefer to automatically make this decision.