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Score the most points the fastest or at the end of 10 rounds by summoning creatures from your hand

Core Concepts

There is no hand limit

Magic stones are limited to a quantity of 4 regardless of their value, e.g. 4 red 1s or 4 purple 6s

Furthermore, Magic Stones cannot be freely traded to make room for others, e.g. if you have 4 red 1s, you cannot trade 3 of them for 1 blue 3

If a player overspends their magic stones, they cannot make change e.g. using a purple 6 for something that costs 4 does not grant you 2 red 1s back

The number of cards a player can summon is equal to the current round

Due to various effects, players can gain or lose points throughout the game, although minimum score at any time is 0 (i.e. no negatives)

Hunting Phase

To start the round, each player drafts two cards

First card is drafted clockwise from start player, second card is drafted anticlockwise from last player (this means the last player drafts both their cards at once essentially)


On your turn, you take as many of the actions as many times as desired

After all players have done this, the action phase ends

The actions are: Sell, Tame, Summon, Remove

Sell - Pick a card you chose during the Hunting Phase and discard it, receive Magic Stones based on its family (this is NOT its cost). Red Fire gives 3 Red Stones, Blue Water gives 1 Blue Stones, Green Earth gives 4 Red Stones, Pink Wind gives 1 Red & 1 Blue stone, Purple Dragon gives 1 Purple Stone

Tame - Pick a card you chose during the Hunting Phase and put it into your hand

Summon - If you have open areas, you may pay the cost of a card and place it into your playing area, this cost may be reduced by the effect of cards already in your playing area. After which, resolve any instant effects if it has one.

Remove - You may remove a card from your own playing area at the cost of the current round, e.g. in round 2 the cost is 2

Resolution Phase

In turn order, each player can activate each active effect on their cards in their playing area once each, in any order. Card effects must be used if player meets the card criteria.

Game End

The game ends if at end of round a player reaches 60 points or it is the 10th round, if neither of these happen then start a new round with a new start player

The player with the most points wins!

If tied, the player with the most summoned cards wins!