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The text below is a summary, be sure to read the attached rulebook for specific details


Earn the most points by betting earliest on the creatures you believe will finish the tournament.


There are 5 Rounds

Rounds are comprised of as many turns as it takes to cause a creature to be eliminated (i.e. you could, and probably will, take multiple turns within a single given round)

A creature is eliminated when it's value is the single lowest value in the round row (i.e. if there is a tie, play continues until there is one definitive lowest value creature)

As it starts with 8 creatures, this means 3 will make it to the end.

Secret predictions may only be made in the first round, and are worth 5 points

Player turn

Phase 1: Make a Prediction

Phase 2: Play a Card

Phase 3: Discard

Phase 4: Draw

Phase 5: Elimination Check

Phase 1

You only have 5 Prediction Pebbles for the entire game, but will have many more opportunities to use them, so choose those moments wisely

You may place 1 Prediction Pebble on a creature in the current row who you think will win the tournament.

If they do win, you score the points (Prestige) shown on the left of that row (5, then 4, then 3....)

For the first round, not just turn, you can make a face down secret prediction which uses one of your pebbles but will give you the most Prestige (5) at the end if the creature is not eliminated

Phase 2

Use a card in your hand and play it on any space in the current row regardless of whether it already has a card or not, this will change that creature's current value (bearing in mind higher rows' values have no effect on the current row)

You cannot place cards on a creature space if that creature has already been eliminated

You can use Chameleon's as any creature

If you have previously placed a prediction pebble on that creature, and your Prestige is higher than anyone else who has betted on that creature, you may also use its special power (hover over the cards for details of their specific powers)

Phase 3

This phase is ignored in the first Round, but after the first Elimination, this is your chance to discard any cards related to eliminated creatures you hold (i.e. cards which are unplayable)

Phase 4

Draw cards until you hold 8. Note that draw comes after Discard, and so you may end up with unplayable eliminated creatures which you will have to keep until the next Discard phase.

Phase 5

Check for elimination via the following:

1) All creatures not previously eliminated have at least one card (theirs or chameleon) on their position [Otherwise, no elimination, and move on to next player]

2) If one creature clearly has the sole lowest value, it is eliminated [Otherwise, no elimination, and move on to next player]

Game end

The game ends either after the 5th round or once the draw deck is depleted

You earn Prestige only for the creatures who were not eliminated and for whom you betted on. The points you gain are shown on the left above the round number.

Card powers

When you play a creature card for which you are the controller, you may use its special power immediately. (The controller of a creature is the player who has the highest total prestige value in that creature's corresponding column, based on pebbles.)

You do not use the power if the card played is a chameleon, or is played directly onto a chameleon.