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The game starts with just a couple simple rules, then becomes more complex little by little as additional Rule cards are played. At first there will be no way to win - that's what goal cards are for. Each Goal has a different victory condition, but they all require you to collect special cards called Keepers. As soon as someone's collection of Keepers matches the current Goal, they win!


  • Place the basic rules (draw 1, play 1) and deal 3 cards to each player.
  • On your turn, draw and play cards as required by the current Rule card(s)
  • If the played card is a Rule card, apply immediately and discard any contradicting rules.
    • example: If there is a Draw 4 Rule card in play and you play a Draw 2 Rule card, the Draw 4 is discarded
    • If you change the number of cards to Draw or Play, this change takes effect immediately.
      • example: If you drew 1 card but play a Draw 3, you immediately draw 2 additional cards
      • example: If you have played 3 cards and play a new Rule Play Four, you must continue playing; if new rule Play 2, since you've already played more than 2, your turn is over
  • If it is a Keeper card, place in your Keeper area of play
  • If it is a Goal card, discard the old goal and replace with the new Goal.
  • If it is an Action, apply it immediately then discard.
  • Some new rules (example: Wormhole) may give optional Actions during your turn; these can (mostly) be used at any point during the turn, before, between or after other, regular actions.
  • After you play the number of cards indicated by the current Play "X" Rule (and activate any extra actions), your turn is over

Keepers with Special Powers

Some Keepers have special powers that give optional Actions once they are on the table.

  • example: The Scientist may take 1 Keeper per turn from another player; Energy Being, Energy Crystals, or Monolith


These are like Keepers you do not want. Usually Creepers prevent you from winning, but sometimes you actually need them to win. Creepers are kept on the table in front of you in the same area as your Keepers.

Creepers cannot be held in your hand. Instead, they automatically go into play. As soon as you draw a Creeper (including as part of your starting hand), you must place it face up in front of you and draw another card. This does NOT count as a "play."

You might have to accept several Creepers at once as you draw cards, until you've drawn the required number of non-Creepers and added them to your hand. Note that this is true any time you draw a card, such as during an Action.

Attaching Creepers

Creepers marked with this icon will become attached to one of your Keepers. If you have no Keepers in play, they will wait patiently until something arrives. Once attached, the two cards are considered a unit until removed from play.

It is possible to have more than one Creeper attached to a single Keeper (example: Evil Brain Parasites or Evil Malfunction)

Special Icons

This version of Fluxx uses the following themed icons:

  • Living Being: This icon is used to label items that are live beings and therefore susceptible to Brain Parasites.
  • Mechanical Device: This icon is used to label items that are equipment and therefore susceptible to Malfunction.


These cards can be played at any time, even when it isn't your turn. Surprises have two functions, one for during your turn, and one for out-of-turn.

A Surprise can also be used to cancel another Surprise.


At first there will be no limitations on the number of cards you can hold in your hand or Keepers you have in play. But Hand and Keeper Limit Rule cards will create such restrictions. These rules only affect you when it's NOT your turn, so you can ignore them until your turn ends. When someone plays a new Limit Rule card, the other players must immediately comply with the new restriction, discarding cards of their choice as needed.

End of the Game

  • The game ends if someone meets the condition of the current Goal.
    • That player wins immediately even if out of turn.
  • If two or more players meet the Goals winning condition, continue play until only a single winner remains.

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