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Play two rounds of tricks, one with random cards and another with cards gained from the first round, in order to control the most Factions at game's end

Phase One

This phase consists of thirteen tricks

Flip over a card to display the card you will be trying to win this trick

The Leader plays any card from their hand, it does not have to relate to the flipped card

The Follower either plays a card of the same Faction as the Leader's card, a Doppleganger, or any card if they don't hold a card of the same Faction

The player who played the highest Lead Faction card wins the trick

The winner takes the displayed card into their followers whilst the loser takes a blind card from the deck into theirs

If an Undead card was played (but not displayed) then it will go to the winner's score pile (a Displayed Undead goes to the Followers pile as normal)

Any other played cards are discarded

A new trick starts with the winner of that trick

Note: Your score cards are faceup and visible, whilst your Follower cards are facedown and hidden

The phase ends when the players are out of hand cards (i.e. played 13 tricks)

Phase Two

This is played similar to the first phase, except instead of being dealt 13 random cards, you instead use the 13 cards you collected during phase one

The main difference is that instead of competing for a known displayed card, the winner of each trick takes both played cards into their Score pile instead

Game End

The game ends at the end of Phase Two (or 26 Tricks)

Each player divides their Score cards into the various Factions

Whoever has the most cards of a single Faction, wins that Faction

If tied, the player with the highest value card in that Faction, wins that Faction

The player who wins 3 Factions wins the game!

Faction Powers

Goblins - numbered 0-9, with five 0’s - have no powers

Knights - 8 Knights numbered 2-9 - beat Goblins regardless of value

Undead - numbered 0-9 - are used as score cards for the winner, instead of being discarded, but only during Phase One

Dwarves - numbered 0-9 - are collected into the score pile of the loser of a trick, but only during Phase Two

Doppleganger - numbered 0-9 - may be considered any Faction but does not possess its Faction Powers. You may play a Doppleganger even if you hold the real Faction cards in hand. If the Leader starts with a Doppleganager, the lead Faction is considered Doppleganger.