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Each player controls a city, represented by their hand of cards. Each card has an Egocentrism value, and sometimes a special ability. The goal of each player is to finish the game with the smaller Egocentrism score. However, cards with high Egocentrism give advantages during the game. One game can be composed of one or several rounds.


At the beginning of each round, shuffle the 60 cards and form a deck face down at the center of the table. Flip the first card to initiate a discard pile. At the beginning of each round, distribute 5 cards to each player to compose their hand. One player can’t look at the cards of the other players. When the deck is empty, shuffle the discard pile and form a new deck face down with it. Players then take turns clockwise. For the first round, randomly pick the first player. In each following round, the first player is the one with the highest score at the end of the previous round. Settle draws randomly.

On Your Turn

Discarding or playing a card: A card 'thrown' into the discard pile is discarded when it came directly from the deck, or played when it came from the hand of a player. A discarded card is put face up on the discard pile without triggering its special ability. A played card is put face up on the discard pile and the player who played it can eventually trigger its special ability.

During your turn, you must complete one of the following actions:

  • Draw and look secretly at the first card from the deck. Then you must EITHER discard it, OR keep it to replace one card from your hand. The replaced card is then played.
  • Take the first card from the discard pile to replace one card from your hand. The replaced card is then played.
  • Reveal a card from your hand of the same value as the first card on the discard pile and play it.
  • Reveal a pair of cards with the same value from your hand and play one of the two. The other one stays in your hand.
  • Say “STOP” so the round will end just before your next turn starts (this means the other players get one more turn).

Special Abilities

  • 8: 789: During your turn, when this card is in your hand or on top of the discard pile, you can use it as if it has a value of 7, 8 or 9.
  • 9: Black Shield: This special ability is not activated when the card is played. At the moment another player designates you to resolve special abilities Two Cards or Magnifying Glass, you can reveal and play this card immediately and cancel the effect of this special ability.
  • 10: Magnifying Glass: Designate a player and look secretly at all the cards in their hand.
  • 11: Two Cards: Designate two players (you can be one of them) and exchange two cards from their hands. In the hand of each player, you can either take a card secretly -chosen freely if it is in your hand or randomly picked in another player’s hand- or announce a specific value. If the player has a card with this value, they must exchange it. If you announce a wrong value for one or both players, the exchange is cancelled and you must draw and add to your hand a card as a penalty.

Game info: You can select one or two players, one of your cards and the card that you wish from the first player clockwise (or none if you want to randomly pick one of their cards). Once the first player has agreed, you can select the card you wish from the second player (or none).

  • 12: Hourglass: You can play another turn after this one.

Game End

A round ends immediately if a player has no more cards in hand. When a round ends, each player sums up the Egocentrism values in their hand. The player with the lowest score wins. During a game with multiple rounds, each player adds up their scores at each round. Rounds are played until one player reaches 50. Then, the player with the highest total wins.