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Each player has 8 pieces on a chess board. Each piece is level 1.


White plays first.

Each turn, the player must move one piece an exact number of squares equal to the piece's level. Pieces can move horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Pieces can move through all other pieces, but cannot land on friendly pieces.

If a piece lands on an empty space, the piece gains 1 level.

If a piece lands on an enemy piece, the enemy piece is removed from the game, and the moving piece resets to level 1.

If a piece would move off the board, its level does not change, and it is removed from the game.


The identity of each player's king changes throughout the game according to the following rule:

After each move, both players check the levels of their pieces. If a player has exactly one piece that is higher level than all others of that player, that piece becomes the player's king. There is no other way for their king's identity to change.

Note that another of a player's pieces may gain a level and tie that player's king, but the king's identity does NOT change in this situation.

End of Game

You win if your piece lands on your opponent's king. You also win if your opponent chooses to move their king off the board.