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You are a tree trying to grow throughout the forest


In turn order, place a seedling on a corner of the central Earthlover tile with a root facing inwards


On your turn, perform one action between: Activate, Absorb, Reproduce, Partner, Photosynthesize

After which, if you absorb at least one carbon, move up a space on the carbon track (a single space regardless of how many you absorbed)

If you made progress on a goal, mark it with a goal counter

Draw back up to 3 Mushroom tiles

Note: Pieces are limited, once you run out of the associated piece you can no longer perform the associated action


To activate a Mushroom you must have a root on the tile and be able to pay the cost on the left side of the box, which usually involves at least 1 Carbon. It may also require you to flip a matching token to the symbol to the left of its name, if you already flipped that type to its used side you cannot use it again until it is flipped back to its ready side by other effects. It may show a P/N/K resource, or it may show a multicoloured box to let you choose which of PNK to pay with.

After payment is made, activate the mushroom's effect.

Some Mushrooms have ongoing abilities, if this is the case then as long as you have a root on their tile then you can make use of their effect in addition to your main action if applicable


Pick a tile you wish to absorb Carbon from which you have a root on, if there is no Carbon there then you may first pay to move Carbon to that tile but ONLY if you plan to absorb that Carbon (i.e. you can't move Carbon and leave it there)

If you need to take the optional movement action, you must either flip one activation token or pay one PNK for each tile it needs to move orthogonally to reach it e.g. if the nearest Carbon is 3 tiles away, you need to pay a mix of activation tokens and PNK to the value of 3

Once the Carbon is on the tile, or if it were there already, pay 1 activation token AND 1 PNK to Absorb it

Place the carbon directly on your Seedling and move up 1 on the carbon track, taking any rewards

If this is the third Carbon that Seedling has absorbed, discard all Carbon on it and place a Tree on the space (however you can only make 4 trees in the game)


Pay a Carbon and 2 Ps, and optionally you may pay 1 PNK to also add 1 new Mushroom from your hand at the same time

Place a new Seedling on an unclaimed corner, this does not in any way have to be adjacent to previous Seedlings

Add 1 Root to the new Seedling reaching out into a Mushroom tile of your choice

If you optionally paid to play a new Mushroom tile, this can happen before the Seedling placement, and must be placed orthogonally adjacent to another Mushroom tile already out


Pay a Carbon and 2 Ks, and optionally you may pay 1 PNK to also add 1 new Mushroom from your hand at the same time (Mushroom placement rules are the same as above)

Place 2 new roots onto your existing Seedlings or Trees, these can be the same or different, but must point out into a Mushroom tile the plant hasn't already grown Root into (i.e. don't stack roots)


This action has no forced cost, but to take the optional action it costs 1 N per extra Carbon you wish to receive

Gain 2 Carbon

Flip all used Activation Tokens to their ready side

Discard as many Mushroom tiles from your hand as you wish, this may be 0

Goal Cards

Each game will randomly produce 3 goal cards that you can aim for

As you do actions which contribute towards the goal, move your marker along the quantity track to show how you are doing compared to everyone else

Some Goal Cards will score everyone based on the quantity of something whilst others will score based on how well each player achieves it

Game End

The game ends when a player has reached the end of the carbon track, finish the round, and take one more full round

Each player who reaches the end of the carbon track, in the order they reach it, can choose one final unique reward

Each Root MAY score based on the number of white Seed Cones shown on the associated Mushroom

A Seedling with 1 Carbon score one associated root of the player's choice

A Seedling with 2 Carbon score two associated roots of the player's choice

Trees score all Roots

Seedlings with 3 or 4 Carbon (due to lack of Trees) score 3 or 4 Roots respectively

If a player collected Bonus Tiles from the Carbon Track, score these

Every 2 Carbon AND PNK leftover scores a point (i.e. 1 Carbon & 1 K = 1 point OR KP = 1 point or 2 Carbon = 1 point)

The player with the most points wins!

If tied, the player with the most trees wins!

If still tied, the player with the most Absorbed Carbon wins!

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