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When everyone has circled around their board once the game ends, with four scoring opportunities at each corner and Life Energy are Points


The turn is divided into 5 steps.

Quick reference:

  1. Everyone picks a new tile from those presented to them
  2. Place or discard your selected tile
  3. Check if you have gained a Divine Entity
  4. Activate Tiles and Divine Entity
  5. Move one space clockwise and check for scoring and/or start from step 1 again


  1. Take a tile from those in front of you, the remaining tiles will be available for your neighbour on the next turn (Left neighbour on moon turns, right neighbour on star turns, designated by the space your counter is on)
  2. If you choose to discard your tile, you gain either a spore token to place on a tile which does not have one or you choose to gain 4 Crystals. If you choose to play your tile, you must be able to afford its cost in crystals, then you may place it anywhere on your board including spaces which already contain a tile to replace them. There are 3 main cost types: various numbers of crystals, specific spaces on your board, or free
  3. If, by placing the tile, you complete a line of matching symbols then you gain the corresponding divine entity regardless of who may already hold it. Note: As some tiles contain multiple symbols, it is possible to gain multiple Divine Entities at the same time.
  4. If you gained a Divine Entity in step 3, its power activates. If you hold Divine Entities from prior turns, they do nothing. Regardless of whether you gained a Divine Entity or not, you can activate all spaces in your current line in an order of your choosing. Spaces and Divine Entities can be activated in any order or not at all, e.g. you could activate space 2, activate Divine Entity, activate space 3, ignore space 1
  5. Move one space clockwise. If you reach a new line, return to step 1. If you reach a corner, a scoring phase occurs before moving again and returning to step 1

Welcome Divine Entity:

If the Biome card you have just played completes a line and/or column of Animals and/or Biome symbols of the same type, take the matching Divine Entity and place it next to your board.

Scoring Phases

There are 4 scoring phases, one at each corner of the game

  1. All Divine Entities, regardless of when you gained them, activate
  2. All spaces with Spores on them activate in an order of your choosing
  3. Similar to Step 4, Spaces & Divine Entities can be activated in whichever order and mixed together as you wish
  4. In addition, water scores. Find out who has the least number of water, they score nothing. Everyone else scores in relation to the difference, e.g. if lowest has 1 water and you had 3, you have 2 water to score on the following chart:

0 Difference = 0 Points

1 Difference = 1 Points

2 Difference = 3 Points

3 Difference = 6 Points

4 Difference = 10 Points

5+ Difference = 15 Points