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Set Up (that you need to know)

a) One doctorate card is dealt to each player and one doctorate card is placed in the discard pile.

b) Deal a number of boxes to each player equal to the number of players. (e.g. with 4 players, deal 4 boxes to each player)

c) Set up a research deck.

Types of Boxes (Cards)

Alive Cats

It has the lowest rank. There are 20 alive cats in the deck.

Dead Cats

It has a higher rank than alive cats but a lower rank than empty boxes. There are 20 dead cats in the deck.

Empty Boxes

It has the highest rank. When proposing a hypothesis, it has double value. There are 8 empty boxes in the deck.


It is like a wild card, but it always counts towards the current bid. Because of this, a hypothesis of Heisenbergs is never allowed. There are 4 Heisenbergs in the deck.

On Your Turn

a) You must make a hypothesis (bid) of higher value than the last scientist's (player's) after reviewing your hand. This means you must make a bid that is to the right or down from the current bid on the bidding card. The current hypothesis (bid) is indicated by a circle.

b) Then, you may show some of your findings by playing cards from your hand of the type matching your current bid. Then you may discard up to as many remaining boxes (cards) in your hand as you placed face up and then re-draw the same number.

c) You may reveal your doctorate (cat physicist card). If you do so, activate its ability, then discard the doctorate card (for the rest of the game).

d) If you think the previous scientist's (player's) bid is unlikely to be true, call the last scientist's hypothesis into question. The findings are counted (total cards from everyone's hands) and the scientist with the wrong hypothesis is out of the game (challenger or bidder). The scientist who debunks or is confirmed starts the next round.

Doctorate Powers

Name Power
Albert Felinestein Discard your research and draw an equal number of boxes.
Cecelia Pounce Add 2 alive cat findings this experiment.
Madam Purrie Discard all alive cat findings.
Maria Goeppertmeower Add 1 empty box findings this experiment.
Mittens Faraday Discard all dead cat findings.
Neil Degrasse Tabby Use the ability of a face-up cat scientist.
Sally Prride You may look at the discard this turn.
Sir Isaac Mewton Draw 2 additional boxes from the research deck.
Stephen Pawking Skip your hypothesis this turn.
Whiskers Feyncat Do not count Heisenbergs as findings this experiment.