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Draw cards blind from your hidden grid, and select from the revealed cards to slowly form a grid of low values

Cards are numbered from 1 to 10, and there are 10 of each number


All players simultaneously pick a card from their grid blind and play it to the table

In turn order, players pick a revealed card and add it to their grid by placing it on an edge which is on the same row or column as the empty space and pushing all cards inwards to fill it

The first player token is then passed leftwards and start a new turn

Game End

The game ends when all 16 cards are revealed and played

All orthogonal cards of the same value are discarded- note, they must be next to each other.

The cards remaining in each player's grid are subtracted and make up their score.

The player with the highest score wins! (least negative)

If tied, the player with the fewest cards in their grid wins!