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Possible bonus actions:

  • Take 3 coins using a die (value does not matter)
  • Buy a black die (only once per turn) for 3 camels
  • Bump a die +1/-1 for 2 camels
  • Re-roll a die for 1 camel
  • Fulfill a contract by returning the required goods

Game ends after 5 rounds. Extra end of game points:

  • 1 VP for every 10 coins left over
  • 7 VP to player with most contracts
  • Score VP from Beijing, depends on position in Beijing
  • Score 1 VP for every 2 resources if you have a trading post in Beijing

Expert variant:

  • Distribution of City Bonuses: Randomized
  • Distribution of Characters: Randomly shuffle playercount +1, choose one, starting from last player.
  • Distribution of Goal Cards: Deal 4 choose 2 to keep.