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Players compete to match three cards in a row of BOTH the same symbol and the same color. Action Cards give players the ability to wipe out their opponent’s hand, play two cards on a single turn, or flip sides mid-game, guarantees a winner every time. There's also a team-play version for four players.

Game Play

Deal all players four cards and one double-sided purple ID Card, used to track sides. Place Symbol Cards (X or O) on any empty space in the 3x3 grid or on cards already in play by matching the symbol or the color. Use Action Cards (Flip Card, Wipe Out Card, Double PLay Card) to access special abilities

Re-draw after playing a card.

Action Cards

Flip Card: used to change which symbol each player or team represents during play. EXAMPLE: If your ID Card is showing ‘X’ side up, you must now flip your ID Card to ‘O’ side up and begin playing for the new symbol shown on your ID Card. Opponents will always represent opposite sides.

Wipe Out Card: Forces the chosen player to lose all their cards but allows that player to keep their turn. The Wipe Out Card CANNOT be applied to yourself. NOTE: Play continues clockwise after using the Wipe Out Card, which may cause one or more players to be ‘skipped’ during that round.

Double Play Card: allows two cards to be played during a single turn. Double Play Cards or Wipe Out Cards CANNOT be played as one of those two cards. If you cannot make a valid move you may use the Double Play as a discard.