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A player rolls five dice to begin a turn. They are then allowed to take up to two rerolls, each reroll being any number of those dice. (In BGA, you click on the dice that you want to reroll.)

After those rerolls, or when the player chooses to stop rolling, the player must choose which category to score the final result. There are 13 scoring categories, and each must be used for one of the 14 rounds. This can often force a player to take a zero score for some categories.

Scoring for Yahtzee is as follows

Upper section

1-6: One category for each number on the die. In these categories, the score is the sum of the pips on the dice of that number.

For example, a roll of 1-1-2-5-5 could be scored as 2 points in the "ones" category, 2 points in the "twos" category, 10 points in the "fives" category, or 0 points in the "threes," "fours," or "sixes."

If a player scores a total of at least 63 points across these six boxes combined, a bonus of 35 points is added to their final score. (Tip: Scoring Three of each number is exactly 63 and nets the bonus.)

Lower section

  • Three-Of-A-Kind At least three dice showing the same face -- Points equal the sum of all 5 dice (not just the 3 of a kind)
  • Four-Of-A-Kind At least four dice showing the same face -- Points equal the sum of all 5 dice (not just the 4 of a kind)
  • Full House A three-of-a-kind and a pair -- 25 points
  • Small Straight Four dice having sequential numbers 1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-5, or 3-4-5-6) -- 30 points
  • Large Straight Five dice having sequential numbers (1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6) -- 40 points
  • Yahtzee All five dice showing the same face -- 50 points. If you get a 2nd yahtzee, you automatically get 100 bonus points. You must score it in the appropriate upper section if it is available. Otherwise, you can use it as a "joker" to score another category in the bottom section.
  • Chance Any combination -- points equal the sum of all 5 dice


In the game of Yams, the categories and calculations are slightly different. Scores are generally higher.

Upper section

This is similar to Yahtzee but the bonus is calculated differently. The bonus threshold is 60 points, and is 30 points + the difference between the score achieved and 60. For example: When you complete your upper with 63, you would score 63 + 30 + (63-60) = 96 points.

Middle section

This is a higher and lower section which are similar to Chance in Yahtzee and a bonus that is the difference between them.

  • Plus - scores the sum of all dice
  • Minus - scores the sum of all dice
  • Delta - automatically calculated - scores the Plus score minus the Minus score

So if the Plus score was 22 and the Minus score was 13, the Delta score would be nine. Like subtraction.

Lower section

Scoring is different here for four of a kind and there is no three of a kind. There is no chance. Yams is more generous: four 1s will net you 40+ points in four of a kind, whereas in Yahtzee it would net you a maximum of 10 points.

  • Four of a Kind - 40 points plus the sum of the dice
  • Full House - 30 points plus the sum of all dice
  • Small Straight - 45 points
  • Large Straight - 50 points
  • Yahtzee (Yams) - 50 points plus sum of dice
  • Rigole - four matching dice and one which has the obverse pip configuration on it. So, for example: 4-4-4-4-3, 5-5-5-5-2, 1-1-1-1-6