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Played over 4 Rounds


Each round has 4 phases:




Home Time


Each player selects a Reputation value on their Offer Dial and place it beneath their desired dog, players can bid on the same or different dogs, and you must have what you bid

Once everyone is done, the offers are revealed

If only one player bid on a dog, they pay the amount declared and get the dog

If multiple players bid, the highest bid wins and that player pays for and gets the dog

Once bided dogs are distributed, those who didn't get a dog claim

Those with at least 1 reputation, as in they lost the bidding, go first and claim dogs at will

Those with 0 reputation, so they couldn't bid, then get to choose a dog from the leftovers

The above is then repeated a SECOND time, so all players end up with 2 dogs (note that you can be in reputation and bid normally in the first half, then be on 0 reputation and get the leftovers in the second half)


From those dogs in your kennel, players can pick up to 3 to take on a walk

For each dog you wish to select, you must be able to pay the dog's walking cost (on the left banner)

You can always pay at a rate of 2 for 1 if you don't have a certain resource, however you can't save resources, so if you have the required resource you must use it

However the walking cost is paid, place a walked token on the dog

All players MUST walk at least 1 dog

If a player truly cannot walk at least 1 dog, they are given 1 Stick & 1 Ball as compensation


Players take turns walking their selected dogs

You must move 1-4 spaces

You cannot walk backwards

If the landed space is vacant, you gain the printed reward and possible dog abilities if the reward matches

If the landed space is occupied, they can only gain rewards and bonuses if they pay 1 Reputation

In leaving order, the players gain exit bonuses, the last walker in the park loses 1 Reputation wherever they may be and isn't allowed to finish the route

Home Time

Gain 2 Reputation for each dog on the Lead

Lose 1 Reputation for each dog in the Kennel with no Walked Token

Move Dogs on the Lead to the Kennel

Move the Walker to the Lead

If this is not the final round, the following happens too:

Flip the forecast card

A new Location Bonus is revealed

The first player token is passed on

Game End

The game ends at the end of Round 4

Any dogs with game end abilities can now be activated if you have the required resources

After which, proceed to scoring

Start with the base Reputation

Add the scores End Game abilities gave you

Add Breed Expert award scores

Add Objective award scores

Add 1 Reputation per 5 retained resources

The player with the most points wins!