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You have 12 rounds to build the best bus line in town. Each round, a new trajectory card will be revealed, allowing you to bring passengers to their destinations and avoid traffic.


You start the game with a personal objective and two possible starting positions.

At the beginning of each of the 12 rounds, a new trajectory card will be revealed, giving you how many moves and how many turns you can make this round.

In turn order, starting from the player with the Inspector token, you will place markers to create your bus route.

  • Your route must begin where your route previously ended. In the first round, you start in one of your starting positions.
  • You must use as many markers as indicated on the ticket which is used for this turn.
  • During a round, the first marker can be placed in any of the 3 remaining directions. Then, for the following markers, you may create as many turns as indicated on the ticket (turns can be toward left or right as you wish). If you change the number of turns, you will lose points.
  • You can never go back on the same road.
  • If you ever reach the same spot for a second time in your route, you are immediately eliminated and lose the game.

Once everyone has played, check the common objectives then the Inspector token is given to the next person and a new ticket is revealed.

Intersection symbols

Green light

If, at the end of the round, your route ends at an intersection with a green light, you can place an additional marker to extend your route, in any direction.


Whenever you reach an intersection with an elderly symbol, you immediately cross the topmost available space on your player sheet.

At the end of the game, you add up all of the points from the crossed spaces.

Student and University

Whenever you reach an intersection with a student symbol, you immediately cross an available space in the first 2 rows on your player sheet (Note: The 3 spots on the last row can only be crossed with the businessman bonuses). Similarly, when you reach a University, cross a corresponding spot on your sheet.

At the end of the game, you will multiply the students by the universities to get your school score.

Businessman / Tourist and Skyscrapper / Monument

When you reach a businessman or tourist, cross the leftmost available space in the matching row on your player sheet (Note: if you do not have a free space on the current row, nothing happens).

When you reach a skyscraper/monument, you immediately score your current business/tourist row. For this row, score the number of points indicated at the bottom of your rightmost crossed column. Then scribble out the remaining spaces on that row and start anew on the next row. If you score a business row, you also get an instant bonus: cross an elderly/tourist/student spot. If you had no businessmen/tourists when you reached a skyscraper/monument, nothing happens.

At the end of the game, you will score half the points for your current business/tourist rows (but no bonus for the business row).

Straights and turns

The current ticket shows a specific number of turns but you are free to increase/decrease that amount. For each extra turn (or straight instead of turn), you must cross the leftmost spot on the corresponding area on your sheet. If there are no more available spots, you have to respect the number of turns.

At the end of the game, you will lose 1/2/3 points per spot you have crossed.


You can use roads that have already been used by other players. However, it has created traffic, causing delays for your bus. Some NY roads are also always considered jammed (bold roads). Whenever you use a jammed road, you must cross one bus on your sheet per player who had used it and one extra bus for the NY bold roads.

A the end of the game, you will lose points for the bus you have crossed.

Common objectives

At the end of each round, check to see if you have fulfilled any of the two common objectives. If you are the first (or firsts) to do so, score 10 points. If someone else had already scored them, you get 6 points instead.

Starred spots

There are 4 starred locations on each map. Whenever you reach a starred spot, write the number of corresponding passengers you have already crossed.

At the end of the game, you score that number as a bonus. For tourists, if you have reached both starred locations, score only the largest number between the two.

Game end

At the end of the 12th round, score 10 points if you have completed your personal objective. You also score your unscored business/tourist rows for half their value.

Whoever has the most points wins the game.