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A constellation is a set of lines that are connected (either by sharing the same star or intersecting). A constellation must contain a minimum of 3 lines and a maximum of 8. A single line, 2 connected lines, or a set of 9 or more lines are not constellations. Shooting stars are not constellations.

For each constellation, the player earns a number of victory points equal to the number of lines in that constellation. However, if several constellations contain the same number of lines, only 1 of them earns victory points. The player marks on their board the constellations they have drawn and adds up the points. In this way, it is possible to earn up to 33 points if all 6 possible constellations are drawn (of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 lines).

Planets and Shooting Stars

Each planet awards a number of points equal to the number of constellations adjacent to it, even if these constellations have an identical number of lines.

Each shooting star awards 1 point for each line in it.

Point Bonus cards

Completing the shape for a Point Bonus card (five-point star) grants 3 points.

Point bonus cards are numbered 1 to 10 are based on this order :

Power Bonus cards

Completing the shape for a Power Bonus Card (seven-point star) grants the option to draw one of the symbols listed below (this bonus may be skipped).


Planet: Draw a new planet on an unused star (that no line or object touches).

Line: Draw a line between 2 adjacent stars.

New Stars: Draw 2 new stars in a space that does not contain any stars, respecting the position of the star grid. These stars can then be used to draw lines.

Galaxy: Draw a galaxy that covers 2 unused stars that are adjacent horizontally. The galaxy must be adjacent to the constellation that earned the bonus. A galaxy earns 2 victory points at the end of the game.

Twinkling Star: Draw a twinkling star on an unused star. A twinkling star earns 3 victory points if it is adjacent to exactly 2 constellations at the end of the game.


Nova: Draw a nova on a star in an existing constellation. This constellation can now have 9 or 10 lines. As with a normal constellation, it will earn 1 point per line at the end of the game. As usual, if several constellations have the same number of lines, only one of them will score victory points.

Luminous Aura: Draw a luminous aura on a star in an existing constellation. It is not possible to draw multiple luminous auras in the same constellation. From now on, you can’t add lines to this constellation. A luminous aura is worth 2 victory points at the end of the game.

Crescent Moon: Draw a crescent moon on an unused star. Each constellation which has at least 1 star in a vertical or horizontal alignment with the crescent moon scores 1 additional victory point at the end of the game. You can only draw one crescent moon per game.

Black Hole: Draw a black hole on an unused star. From now on, you cannot draw on the adjacent stars. At the end of the game, score 1 point for each unused star adjacent to the black hole. You can only draw one black hole per game.