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Basic guessing rules

Players will attempt to describe the concepts on the cards, using only the symbols on the board.

Use the green question mark pawn to indicate the main thing being described, and green cubes to convey aspects of that thing. For example, to describe "milk", you could try:


To describe Vincent Van Gogh:

  • MAN  ?  + ART/PAINT 🟩 + EAR 🟩 + CUT 🟩

You can use the coloured exclamation point pawns and their corresponding cubes to describe other aspects of your concept without your clues getting mixed up. For "Eiffel Tower", you could try:

  • BUILDING  ?  + METAL 🟩
  • COUNTRY/FLAG  !  + RED 🟥 + WHITE 🟥 + BLUE 🟥

Players here would know that the "red, white and blue" applied to the country or flag, not to the building itself. They'd also know that the thing they were trying to guess was the BUILDING.

The clue-giver can remove pawns and cubes and move them around as much as they like, during their turn.


One player (or two, if the game is set to a larger team size) draw a card and choose a word or phrase to describe to the remaining players. Blue words are easy; red words are hard; grey words are challenging. There is no difference in scoring for the different groups, so choose what difficulty level the group wants to play at.

The first player to guess the right answer wins 2VP, and the player (or duo) giving the clue win 1VP. The next player(s) around the table then give the next set of clues.

If all guessers click "give up", the round ends with no points scored. But you're still allowed to make guesses after having given up.

In a standard game: once twelve words have been guessed, the game ends. (If set to a "short game", this ends when each player has had one word guessed.)

Casual play

The original game notes that "During our extensive testing, we eventually abandoned the points system and kept only the pleasure of guessing and being guessed. Feel free to do the same as your enjoyment of the experience will be just as large!" - if you choose "no end" when setting up a game at BGA, it will continue forever.