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Summary and Setup

The goal of this game is to have the most victory points at end of the game by building restaurants, terraces, claiming objectives, and competing for majorities.

During setup, choose one objective card from the two dealt to you. The other card is placed as a common objective near the objective deck.

Game actions

A player's turn consists of a mandatory Draw Ingredient action, then two more actions as follows:

The remaining actions can be any combination the four below:

Draw Ingredient

Draw an ingredient from the market display or from the top of the deck. You must discard down to 7 if applicable. (Note you can take this even after your mandatory Draw Ingredient action -- for example, all three actions could be Draw Ingredient.)

Build Restaurant

To build a restaurant, pay its ingredient cost by discarding them from your hand. Since some cards may have a choice of ingredients on them, you may pick which ones you want to use for the cost. (Coin cards are used for building terraces.)

Note building a restaurant gives you income for building terraces in future turns -- it does not cost money to open a restaurant here.

Build Terraces (once per turn)

To build terraces for a restaurant, first choose which restaurant you have built to add them to. Then pay the cost of the left most terrace in that row on your player board, and place it adjacent to that restaurant or a previously placed terrace for that restaurant.

Note the cost and reward for placing may change as you go down the row. Any income bonus doesn't apply this turn -- it applies in future turns.

Keep in mind your terraces typically can't orthogonally touch another restaurant's terraces -- whether it's your restaurant or an opponent's. Terraces can't be built on structures on the board, with the exception of pigeons. (Building on a pigeon gives a pigeon card -- see below)

Claim Objective

You may claim an objective you have achieved during your turn as an action, whether it's face up or a private objective. Even if you use a pigeon card to complete two objectives at once, you still need an action remaining for this.

Gaining and playing Pigeon cards

When you place a terrace on a Pigeon, you get a Pigeon card. Some Pigeon cards must be played immediately, and some can be held onto and played later. They typically give some small bonus or ability, such as two extra coins, claiming an extra objective, or building over another player.

End game trigger

Players continue taking turns until one of the following things has happened. Then players finish out the round.

  • Built Restaurants -- Collectively build 11/13/15 restaurants (in a 2/3/4 player game)
  • Built Terraces -- A player has built all terraces from two rows
  • Building Complete -- It is impossible to build more restaurants or terraces


Opening Restaurants

Each restaurant you build is worth points for building it

Completing objectives

On your turn, you can complete an objective from hand, or one of the public objectives for points. Note you will lose points if you don't complete your private objective.

Majority Points

The bottom right of the board lists specific goals (such as "build the most terraces around a flower bed") and points are awarded for each goal, depending on how each player places.

Points for each majority
Players 2 3 4
First place 10 12 12
Second place 4 6 8
Third Place 0 4
Fourth place 0

Terrace Points

Each row of terraces gives points -- you can see how many points you score for a row by the number below the furthest right empty space.

Restaurant building requirements

Since the boards are hard to read -- here are the requirements for each restaurant

Friterie Potato Potato
Fruits de mer Seafood Seafood Baguette
Creperie Cheese Cheese Flour
Pizzeria Tomato Tomato Flour
Grill Potato Tomato Cheese Meat
Bar a vin Cheese Meat Baguette Flour
Brasserie Potato Tomato Cheese Meat Baguette
Gastronomique Potato Tomato Cheese Meat Baguette Flour Seafood