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For tips on how to play mattock, see Tips_mattock

Summary and Links

  • In Mattock, you play miners digging corridors through the rock.
  • You can’t dig too closely together though, or the mine will collapse.
  • The last player who is able to mine wins.
  • Mattock's rules are best with illustrations.
  • 3-minute rules video.


  • Trap your opponent so they run out of space to mine.

Player Turn

  • Each player starts with 3 miners on specific places on the board.
  • On your turn, take these 3 steps in order:


  • Place 1 tile on an open space connected to one of your miners by an unbroken series of tiles.
  • Opponent miners block connections.
  • To prevent the mine from collapsing, the tile must not touch:
    • more than 3 other tiles;
    • a tile which already touches 3 other tiles.
  • If you have any miners which were removed on previous turns, place 1 of them on this tile.
  • If you cannot Mine, you lose the game.


  • You may choose to move any 1 of your miners to a tile connected to it.
  • You do not have to move.
  • You may move through your own miners, but opponent miners block your path.


  • Remove all opponent miners that are now both:
    • not connected to another opponent miner;
    • connected to 2 or more of your miners.
  • Your opponent takes the removed miner(s) and will place 1 back on the board on their turn.
  • Never remove your own miners on your turn.