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The deck consists of 36 cards, numbered 1-12 three times.


Deal 9/8/6/6 cards (with 2/3/4/5 players) face down to the table. Players are dealt 9/7/6/5 cards, and their hands are arranged in numerical order.


On your turn, take either of these actions up to three times:

  • - Flip a table card face-up
  • - Reveal a hand card: Choose any player (including yourself) and select a card at either end of their hand: that card is placed face-up in front of them.

If you reveal three cards with the same value, that's a success: claim this "trio" of cards as a scoring set.

If you reveal a card that doesn't match those previously revealed that turn, you fail and your turn immediately ends. The revealed cards are returned to their previous position and state.


  • Simple mode: Win if you take three trios, or the trio of three 7s.
  • Spicy mode: Win if you take two "connected" trios (where the cards of one trio include a small icon of the other), or the trio of three 7s.

Note: A pair of numbers is connected if they differ by 7 (such as 3 and 10) or add up to 7 (such as 2 and 5).