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The object of the game is to make a line of cards, increasing or decreasing, to score points. It's up to you to estimate if it's time to pocket your points and start a new line or wait a little longer to win a jackpot!


A line consists of several number cards and a maximum of one bet card.  You can only have one line in front of you.  To start a line, you must play a card in front of you (Number or Bet). This card can come from the “market” or from your hand.

When you play a second Number card in your line (the Bet card does not count), this defines whether your line is ascending or descending.

• Ascending: each card played must be higher than the previous one.

• Descending: each card played must be lower than the previous one.


A number card has a color and a number. The numbers range from 1 to 100 and are divided into 4 colors. Each number is unique and there are 25 cards in each of the 4 colors. Each color is associated with a symbol : heart, leaf, diamond, star.


A Bet card has a number between +3 and +5. This number tells you how many points you can win (or lose) when you close your line. To earn the points for a Bet card, you must have, in your line, as many or more Number cards as the indicated figure, after your Bet card. If you do not have enough number cards, you lose the same number of points.

Reminder: you can only have one Bet card in your row.


In Line-it, you play until the draw pile runs out. In each game round, you draw cards to best complete your line, try to win a jackpot, or validate your bet.

Each game round takes place in 3 stages:


At the start of the round, draw as many cards as players plus two.  Then place the drawn cards face up in the center of the table.  These cards constitute the market.


Starting with the first player, then clockwise, each player takes turns.  During your turn, you must:

• Choose a market card (compulsory).

When you choose a card from the market, you can play it immediately into your line or add it to your hand.  Your hand is limited to two cards.

Important: If you cannot play a market card or add one to your hand, you must close your line in order to play.

You can also:

• Play a card from your hand (optional).  

At any time during your turn, you may play one, and only one, card from your hand into your line.

When you place the third card of the same color in your line, you add all jackpot cards of the associated suit to your score pile.

Important: you can only win each jackpot color once in the same line.

• Close your line (optional).

You can close your line at any time during your turn.  Start by checking if you have played a Bet card:

• If successful, exchange your Bet card with the corresponding bonus: +3 +4 +5

• If unsuccessful, exchange your Bet card with the corresponding penalty: -3 -4 -5

Then you must discard 3 cards from your row and each remaining card is added to your score pile, face down.


At the end of the round, each Market Number card that has not been chosen is placed under the Jackpot token corresponding to its color. The First Player token is given to the player to the left of the First Player and the players begin a new round.

Note: Bet cards are discarded.


When there are not enough cards to play a new turn, the game ends.  The last cards in the draw pile are placed under their Jackpot token. Starting with the first player, you can play a first card of your hand. Then you repeat this step with the second. Finally, each player must close their last line and you count the points.

Each Number card in your score pile is worth 1 point, to which you add the bonuses or penalties of your Bet tokens.

The player with the highest score wins the game! In the event of a tie, the victory is shared.