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Goal of the game

To leave your opponent without any possible moves.


A square game board made up of rows and columns is initially completely filled with stones, alternating between black and white pieces.

Black moves first, by taking off one of their stones. They may only remove a stone from the middle of the board (the centre or a piece adjacent to the centre) or from one of the corners. White removes one of their stones that is adjacent orthogonally to the empty square created by Black. There should now be two empty squares next to each other.

Player turn

From there on, players take turns making a move. To move, one jumps one own stone over an opponent's stone into an empty slot right beyond. Jumps can only be orthogonal, not diagonal.

A player may make multiple jumps (thence making multiple captures) with the same stone in a turn, but only if all the jumps are in the same direction (no turns). Making more than one jump (when possible) is optional, but the first jump (and capture) is mandatory. Pieces that are jumped are removed from the board.

Game end

When one player is unable to jump during their turn, they lose the game and the opponent wins.