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Game components

  • 13 Tundra cards
  • 12 Forest cards
  • 11 Glaciers cards
  • 11 Coast cards
  • 10 Desert cards

With 4 players, 1 card of each color is removed. With 2 or 3 players, 2 cards of each color are removed.

Player turn

A player must play up to 3 cards from the hand to place tents or totems on the board - restricted to a single territory each turn.
If the territory is unexplored (without pieces yet) only a single tent can be placed, otherwise up to 2 pieces between tents and/or totems can be placed.
Tents can be placed on an empty tent space, totems (of any color) stack on the large totem circles - up to a maximum that equals the tent majority within that territory.
For each piece placed the player must either play one card matching the territories color or a pair of cards from a different color.
At the end of the turn the player must replenish their hand back up to 3 cards from the deck and/or the display.
Instead of a regular move a player can discard a single card and draw a new one.

2 player additional rules

Players will be sharing a third tribe.

  • If a player only played 1 or 2 cards, the remaining cards are used to perform a regular move for the third tribe before drawing new cards.
  • If a player played all 3 cards, the turn of the third tribe doesn't take place.

Half journey scoring

The half journey scoring happens when the draw deck is exhausted for the first time.
The discard pile is reshuffled into a new draw deck and the tents are scored.

Tent scoring

The player with the most tents in a territory receives 1 point for each tent in that territory, regardless of color.
All other players in that territory receive 1 point for each tent belonging to the player just above them with regards to tent count.
In the case of a tie, players with the same amount of tents receive the full amount of points according to the rule above.

End of the journey scoring

The end of the journey scoring happens when the draw deck is exhausted for the second time or when a player has no tents left.
The current round goes on until all players have played an equal number of turns.
Scoring now involves tents, totems and settlements.

Totem scoring

Each connection on the board (small numbers) connects 2 territories.
The players with the totem majority in both territories receive 1 point for each totem, regardless of color.
In the case of a tie, all tied players are considered to have the majority.
Connections covered with mountains are not scored.

Settlement scoring

A settlement is formed by 4 or more tents of the same tribe that are uninterruptedly connected by one or more paths.
Settlements may also cross territories and will score 1 point per tent.

Game end

The winner is the player with the most points at the end of the game. In the event of a tie, the winner is the player with the most unused pieces (tents and totems).

Feats (optional feature)

By accomplishing certain tasks, players are allowed to place feats on the map by following specific feat placement rules:

  • UNION: Only the first and second player to complete a settlement can place one of the 2 Union feats in one of the territories where the settlement lies.
  • DISCOVERY: Only the first and second player to place a tent on the last available tent space of a territory can place one of the 2 Discovery feats in any territory excluding the one where the last tent was placed.
  • HONOUR: Only the first player to have the totem majority on a connection by land can place the Honour feat.
  • RESPECT: Only the first player to have the totem majority on a connection by water can place the Respect feat.

Each feat raises the scoring factor of the territory it's placed in or the connection it's placed on by 1.

Expedition cards (optional feature)

The first player to achieve an expedition by completing the corresponding mission immediately gets the amount of points shown on the first circle on the bottom right corner of the card.

The second player to achieve the same expedition immediately gains the points shown on the second circle.

No other player will be able to accomplish that expedition.

Special map rules

Floating Lands

On this map connections also act as roads for settlement creation.

Glacial Mass

Connections 1 and 11 connect the same territories.

The Long Road

At the end of the game, count the majority of tents placed on the purple road as if it was a territory.